High Flyers: The Women Aviation Pioneers of the 1930s

It is a little-known fact that many of the milestone flights of early aviation were performed by women. As women were not allowed to fly in the military, those who wished to enter the flying profession had to find other ways into aviation. Ultimately these restrictions forced women to find even more daring and spectacular

As Far as the Eye Can See: A History of Aircraft Photography

Almost as old as the human desire for flight is the desire to document it. The development of aircraft generated progress in many areas of human existence – travel, warfare and movement – but it also produced a revolution in vision, allowing the human eye to see their little universe from perspectives that had only

Recording Flight – Pilot’s Journals Through the Ages

While the modern world is more fast paced than ever, boredom and repetitiveness often weigh on our daily lives. For those of us who keep a diary, there are days where we find it difficult to note down or even to recall what has happened to us – days where it really feels like same