Why Parnall?

The Presentation Spitfire Story

In order to raise funds for Britain's war effort, a 'Spitfire Fund' was created. The cost of a Spitfire was set at £5,000 and individuals, businesses and communities, were encouraged to donate and inscribe their aircraft with a name of their choice.

Over £13m was raised and approximately 1,500 Presentation Spitfires were built during the Second World War. Presentation Spitfires enabled people to root their participation in the war effort in an iconic physical object, and their operations were closely followed in the press and the community.

About Us

Why Parnall?

During the Second World War, the Parnall Aircraft Company was a key manufacturing partner to Vickers Supermarine, building a variety of Spitfire components including main planes, ailerons, fuel tanks, oil tanks, chassis jacks, tail wheel assemblies, wheel fairings, radiator fairings, flaps, tail planes, elevators, rudders, balloon hoods, oil cooler fairings and machined details.

This is therefore a unique opportunity to own a Presentation Spitfire built by the same manufacturing family.

Our Aircraft

Aircraft Essence

A Parnall Spitfire will be ‘as it left the factory’ during war time. Without the need to obtain a permit to fly, the aircraft can be produced using entirely original processes and to orginal specifications, without the need for costly, airworthy materials. The result will be an honest recreation of a wartime produced Spitfire, which looks, feels and smells like the original. Each aircraft will bear a signed Parnall Aircraft Company Manufacturer’s plate and be delivered with a certificate of authenticity.

Key Information

Technical Specification





With the Plane

Build Book

A coffee table style book, charting the aircraft’s original history and subsequent reconstruction will be presented with the aircraft. Parnall’s researchers will present a narrative of the original aircraft’s benefactor(s), how the money was raised, where the aircraft was built, who flew it and in which squadrons. The result will be a rich and engaging storyboard for the plane. A framed and signed print of the engineering team who re-built the plane will also be presented.

Picture credit: The St. Ives Museum

With the Aircraft


Merchandise and apparel from Parnall Aircraft Company’s bespoke collection will be available to accompany the aircraft. Some items may be dual-branded with the name of the aircraft, enabling not only the benefactors, but a wider audience of employees, customers and enthusiasts to celebrate the re-birth of an icon.

Your Spitfire

Display & Exposition

People will be able to sit in your Spitfire and immerse themselves in the aircraft when on display. Removable cowlings and access panels will allow people to view the internals of the aircraft including the wings, fuselage and engine compartment. The aircraft can be transported to various locations using a minimum of external equipment. This is therefore an opportunity to enjoy and offer to others, an authentic, yet highly immersive Spitfire experience.

Uses for the aircraft

A variety of uses for the aircraft are envisaged:

With the Plane


Accompanying the aircraft will be a collection of storytelling aids to support the aircraft’s exposition:

With the Aircraft

Dressed to Impress

To assist the display of the aircraft it can be configured in a variety of attitudes - for example:

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Whether you are looking for an historic reconstruction that adds gravity to your collection or a sculptural centrepiece of iconic British craftsmanship, you can rely that our sophisticated aircraft are worthy of our name. Pride and preservation are at the heart of what we do, making sure we stay true to the skills and innovation demonstrated by the legacy of the original Parnall Aircraft Ltd.
To register your interest in owning a Spitfire, or leasing the aircraft for an event or exhibition, please fill in the form below with your details and we will be in touch asap.