Parnall Aircraft Company

Our Vision

The preservation and celebration of Cornish aviation history through skilled reconstruction design and engineering.

About Us

Mision Statement

We aim to preserve and celebrate Cornish aviation history, whilst giving unique opportunities to the next generation of engineers, through skilled craftsmanship and inspiring, iconic design. We remain true to the heritage that guides us and provide a valuable contribution to the local economy.

About Us

Our History

Since the 1860s, Parnall has evolved from a weights and measures manufacturer, to experts in shop fitting, finally branching into aircraft production in 1915, when Parnall Aircraft Ltd was established. Great Grandson, Mark Parnall, formed the The Parnall Aircraft Company to curate the legacy which has always represented excellence in design. We aim to inspire and support the next generation of designers through skilled craftsmanship, and iconic restoration and reconstruction manufacturing.

About us

Sophisticated Creations

Whether you’re in the market for an historic reconstruction that adds gravity to any collection, or a piece of expertly crafted homeware, you can rely that our sophisticated creations are worthy of our name. Pride and preservation are at the heart of what we do, and we intend to promote these values in all of our projects.