Parnall Aircraft Company

Purchasing a Spitfire

Whether you are looking for an historic reconstruction that adds gravity to your collection or a sculptural centrepiece of iconic British craftsmanship, you can rely that our sophisticated aircraft are worthy of our name. Pride and preservation are at the heart of what we do, making sure we stay true to the skills and innovation demonstrated by the legacy of the original Parnall Aircraft Ltd.

To register your interest in owning a spitfire, or leasing the aircraft for an event or exhibition, please fill in the form below with your details and we’ll be in touch asap.

Our Spitfires

Presentation Spitfires

In addition to restoring flying Spitfires, we also produce ‘Presentation Spitfires’ which are superb display assets and our first such aircraft is nearly complete. This Presentation Spitfire is far more than just another vintage aircraft project. It symbolises the spirit and sacrifices made by the local community during Britain’s darkest hour. This story is arguably more significant than that of the aircraft itself. Our presentation aircraft are painstakingly reproduced using original drawings, photographs, manufacturing processes and in some cases components, so the result is an incredibly authentic recreation of a wartime produced aircraft.

Our Spitfires

A Valued Investment

Your Spitfire is likely to appreciate over time due to the rarity of acquiring a new spitfire constructed by an original manufacturing family. As the aircraft is not flight certified, it is possible for members of the public to sit in it for a truly immersive experience. A Spitfire creates a spectacular centrepiece not only at your HQ, but also at promotional events all over the country.