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In an ambitious feat of passion and expertise, Parnall Aircraft Company is restoring one of its two Spitfires – the BL688 - to flying standard. The aircraft is already registered with the Civil Aviation Authority under the name G-CJWO and carries the military serial number BL688. The plane was operational during the Second World War, including in the infamous D Day operations. 



Our experienced engineering team are methodically restoring the BL688 to flying condition with support from leading organisations in this field, including Prop shop Ltd. trading as the Aircraft Restoration Company, Historic Flying Ltd. at Duxford and Airframe Assemblies on the Isle of Wight. Alongside this, we are building a non-flying (static) example, the St Ives BL709. Both fuselages are being constructed in jigs in the main workshop with the wings for the static assembled in another building at Trelonk. On both flying and static models, we aim for the highest standard of integrity in our reconstructions.


25,000 skilled man hours

A Spitfire takes approximately 25,000 skilled man hours to construct with suitably experienced staff meeting the criteria of the Civil Aviation Authority. The wings alone will require around 14,000 manhours per pair. Original designs, plans and drawings can be faded, damaged or otherwise hard to read. As with all things aviation, there is a process to be followed and the instruction books do not always exist.
Pictures: our skilled engineers working on BL709


The Future

The flying BL688 will be able represent the ethos and expertise of the Parnall Aircraft Company at local events in Cornwall and further afield. The BL709 , however, destined for a location that reflects its history in St Ives, will remain static, with a visibly accurate although non-functional engine.

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Purchasing an Airworthy Spitfire

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